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New pictures of The Mortal Instruments cast at SDCC

Some new pictures have surfaced from The Mortal Instruments cast from the Entertainment Weekly photo session during San Diego Comic Con.

Er zijn nieuwe foto’s verschenen van de The Mortal Instruments cast van de Entertainment Weekly foto sessie tijdens San Diego Comic Con.






Happy Heronstairs Day!





Cassandra Clare declared today, 29 September, Heronstairs Day! And in honour of our amazing parabatai Will and Jem, she wrote a lovely snippet (and a happy one for a change!).

Cassandra Clare heeft vandaag bestempeld als Heronstairs Day! En ter ere van onze onvergetelijke parabatai Will en Jem, heeft ze een prachtig nieuw fragment gepubliceerd (en eentje die vrolijk is voor de verandering)!


“I love you,” Will said. “I love you desperately. I have never felt for another the way I feel for you. My love for you is as eternal as the sea, and like the rocks against which the waves are dashed, again and again, it shall remain unyielding. In you I have found my own heart’s heart, which I had thought previously only to find in dreams. Never could I have encompassed a better partner, a finer friend, a more beauteous companion. Allow me just once to kiss your sweet lips.”

Jem looked up from the fire, where he was petting Church. Church had fallen asleep and all his fur was sticking up. “I do wish you would cease reading to me from Gothic novels,” he said. “They give me the pip.”

“Love is a noble emotion!” Will cried, waving his arms about with such energy that the book he was reading slid from his lap. His hair was sticking up like Church’s fur, or a bit as if he had been electrocuted.

“Quite,” said Jem, and rolled over onto his back, smiling up at Will from his place by the fire. Church twitched and snuffled, curling up against his shoulder. “Now read me something with a fight scene in it, won’t you?” [x]


Later Cassandra Jean also posted a new illustration.

Cassandra Jean heeft later ook een bijpassende illustratie gedeeld.




But lets celebrate with even more Heronstairs!

Laten we het vieren met nog meer Heronstairs!


[News] City of Heavenly Fire placeholder cover and more

This week Cassandra Clare shared the placeholder cover for City of Heavenly Fire. It doesn’t feature any of the characters yet, and the final cover will be released later.


Deze week heeft Cassandra Clare de tijdelijke cover voor City of Heavenly Fire gedeeld. Op de cover staan nog niet de personages. De uiteindelijke versie zal pas later worden vrijgegeven.






[News] Today’s livestream and The Secret Treasons

Today Cassandra Jean also did another livestream, during which she did a drawing of Matthew Fairchild and James Herondale from TLH.

During the livestream chat Cassandra Clare announced the title of the graphic novel project about the early days of the Circle, that she has been working on: The Secret Treasons. The artwork will be done by Cassandra Jean.

Hopefully there will be more news soon!


Vandaag heeft Cassandra Jean een nieuwe livestream gedaan, waarbij zij een illustratie deed van Matthew Fairchild en James Herondale van TLH.

Gedurende de livestream chat deelde Cassandra Clare de titel mee van het graphic novel project over de vroege jaren van de Circle, waar ze aan werkt: The Secret Treasons. De illustraties zullen worden verzorgd door Cassandra Jean.

Hopelijk is er binnenkort meer nieuws!

Today’s drawing:


Source 1
Source 2

September and October [Men of the Shadowhunter Universe calendar]

Today Cassandra Clare shared two more pictures of Cassandra Jean’s Men of the Shadowhunter Universe calendar.

Mr. September is no other than Simon Lewis and Mr. October is Raphael Santiago, whom we’ve gotten to know better in the latest installment of The Bane Chronicles, Saving Raphael Santiago. (For the people that read them in e-book already)


Vandaag heeft Cassandra Clare nog twee afbeeldingen gedeeld van Cassandra Jean’s Men of the Shadowhunter Universe calendar.

Mr. September is niemand minder dan Simon Lewis en Mr. October is Raphael Santiago, die we beter hebben leren kennen in het recentste deel van The Bane Chronicles, Saving Raphael Santiago.


Simon Lewis:




Raphael Santiago:





Unidentified snippet

[Dutch below the cut]

Cassandra Clare shared a new snippet on her Tumblr:

“Well, it’s a bit ironic, isn’t it?”

“What do you mean?”

“All that effort to convince you I wasn’t in love with you, and here I am, dying in your arms.”

She posted it as an unidentified snippet, so it might not be related to City of Heavenly Fire. Though this might just be to cause a little confusion here and there.


August – Mark Blackthorn [Men of the Shadowhunter Universe calendar]

Cassandra Clare shared another month of Cassandra Jean’s Men of the Shadowhunter Universe calendar. For August we have Mark Blackthorn from The Dark Artifices.


Cassandra Clare heeft het artwork van nog een maand gedeeld van Cassandra Jean’s Men of the Shadowhunter Universe kalender. Voor Augustus hebben we Mark Blackthorn van The Dark Artifices.



May, June and July [Men of the Shadowhunter Universe calendar]

More artwork from Cassandra Jean’s Men of the Shadowhunter Universe calendar.

May is personified by Jaime Rosales (from the forthcoming The Dark Artifices), June by Jace Herondale (The Mortal Instruments) and July by Julian Blackthorn (also from The Dark Artifices).


Meer artwork van Cassandra Jean’s Men of the Shadowhunter Universe kalender.

Mei wordt gepersonificeerd door Jaime Rosales (van de toekomstige The Dark Artifices), Juni door Jace Herondale (The Mortal Instruments) en Juli Julian Blackthorn (ook van The Dark Artifices).


Jaime Rosales:



Jace Herondale:



Julian Blackthorn:





April & November [Men of the Shadowhunter Universe calendar]

Today Cassandra Clare shared the artwork for two months of Cassandra Jean’s Men of the Shadowhunter Universe calendar.

April is personified by Matthew Fairchild and November is personified by James Herondale. Both are from TLH, a future series about the generation of Shadowhunters after those of The Infernal Devices. Those that read The Bane Chronicles already know James from The Midnight Heir. More info on TLH on Cassandra Clare’s Tumblr (beware of spoilers).


Vandaag heeft Cassandra Clare artwork gedeeld voor twee maanden van Cassandra Jean’s Men of the Shadowhunter Universe calendar.

April wordt gepersonificeerd door Matthew Fairchild en November wordt gepersonificeerd door James Herondale. Beiden zijn van TLH, een toekomstige serie over de generatie Shadowhunters na die van The Infernal Devices. Degenen die The Bane Chronicles lezen kennen James al uit The Midnight Heir. Meer info vindt je op Cassandra Clare’s Tumblr (let op: spoilers).


April – Matthew Fairchild






November – James Herondale






March – Will [Men of the Shadowhunter Universe calendar]

Cassandra Clare has shared another month drawn by the talented Cassandra Jean:

For March we get Will Herondale from The Infernal Devices!


Cassandra Clare heeft ook vandaag wederom een nieuwe maand, getekend door Cassandra Jean, voor de kalender gedeeld:

Voor Maart krijgen we Will Herondale van The Infernal Devices!