[The Magisterium Series] Callum Hunt character description

Cassandra Clare shared some more information about The Magisterium Series (non-TMI related) that she is writing with Holly Black. She posted a description of main character Callum “Call” Hunt.

The first book The Iron Trial will be released Fall 2014. More info on the series on Cassandra’s website.


Cassandra Clare heeft nieuwe informatie gedeeld over The Magisterium Series (niet-TMI gerelateerd) die zij schrijft met Holly Black. Ze heeft een omschrijving gepost van hoofd personage Callum “Call” Hunt.

Het eerste boek The Iron Trial zal najaar 2014 verschijnen. Meer informatie over de serie op Cassandra’s website.


I guess I can start with Call? I feel odd going into detail without Holly! Call is average height for his age, but one of his legs is shorter than the other. He has had surgeries on it to correct it since he was a child but none of them worked. He leg hurts often; it’s not why he’s a cranky boy, but he is one. He has dark hair and gray eyes. He hates people commenting on his limp, he rides a skateboard sometimes, he once kidnapped a naked mole rat. Here’s Cassandra JP’s interpretation of him:






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