[snippet/fragment] Julian & Emma uit The Dark Artifices(?)

Cassandra Clare heeft een nieuw fragment gedeeld. Waarschijnlijk uit The Dark Artifices. Cassie heeft ook gezegd dat beiden in City of Heavenly Fire nog maar 12 jaar oud zijn, en een goede partnerschap hebben, maar dat er geen romantiek is.


Cassandra Clare has shared a new snippet. Probably from The Dark Artifices. Cassie has also said that both of them are only 12 years old in City of Heavenly Fire, and that they have a good partnership, but that there’s no romance.

Julian’s skin was cold, as if he’d been leaning out the window into the night air. She turned his hand and drew with her finger on his bare forearm. It was something they’d done since they were small children and didn’t want to get caught talking during lessons. Over the years they’d gotten so good at it that they could map out detailed messages on each other’s hands, arms, even their shoulders through their T-shirts.
D-I-D Y-O-U E-A-T? she spelled out.
Julian shook his head, still staring at Livvy and Ty. His curls were sticking up in tufts as if he’d been raking his hands through his hair. She felt his fingers, light on her upper arm. N-O-T H-U-N-G-R-Y.




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