Q&A Cassandra Clare in Mexico

Cassandra Clare heeft vandaag een Q&A en signeer sessie bijgewoond in Mexico. Gelukkig heeft CazadoresDeSombrasMx gedurende de hele Q&A sessie getweet. Ik heb de meeste tweets vertaald op Twitter en besloten om ze voor het gemak ook hier te plaatsen.

De antwoorden van Cassie staan niet op volgorde. Ze staan op onderwerp gesorteerd.


Today Cassandra Clare attended a Q&A and signing today in Mexico. Thankfully, CazadoresDeSombrasMx live tweeted during the entire Q&A session. I translated their tweets on Twitter and decided to post them here too for convenience.

Cassies replies aren’t in chronological order, but have been grouped into subjects.



Over City of Heavenly Fire / About City of Heavenly Fire:

The book shall begin with a scene with Emma and Julian and we will get to know them better in the book.

Sebastian will interact a lot with Jocelyn in CoHF.

At the start, Sebastian will visit institutes around the world and kidnap children, which is why Julian has to protect his younger siblings. Sebastian kidnaps children to make them like him and to add to his army.

Either TDA or CoHF will begin with Sebastian. The girls at the Q&A aren’t entirely sure what Cassie said, so therefore he is either not amongst the ones to die in CoHF or he may either live or die in CoHF.

Magnus forgives Alec.

“Tessa and Jem will definitevely get back/be together in CoHF and in TDA, but remember that she is immortal and he isn’t. So when he’s gone he’s gone.”

Tessa and Jem will get married.


Over haar personages / About her characters:

“Magnus is my favorite character because he’s a party guy. Magnus has a vulnerable and unusual heart inside for a warlock.”

“Why did Izzy and Alec fall in love with immortals? – For Alec it’s about being able to piss off his parents, dating a warlock.”

Cassie’s favorite female character is Tessa.

Isabelle is based on Cassie’s grandmother. She is beautiful, strong, valiant, and I have always admired her.

Will or Jem? “I’d spend one week with with Will and the other with Jem.”

Sebastian was the dark reflection of Jace. Two children raised by Valentine in order to destroy the Nephilim, but Jace was too gentle.

“Sebastian is very alone, always very alone, always searching for someone to love him and like him.”

“Sebastian doesn’t want to believe that his father loves the other guy (Jace) and not solely him.”

“Sebastian always wonders why everybody loves Jace, that he wants to be loved by someone too. He’s searching for someone who loves him.”

“As soon as I created the characters I knew which would die. Some characters will die, some that we will not expect.”

“Will basically wants to be Jace, but for me he is more vulnerable.”

Tessa has had Jem and has had Will, she loved them in the same way and can never love anyone else.

“I love the fact that Raphael is a complete jerk.”


Over de City of Ashes film / About the City of Ashes movie:

There is still no news of the shooting of CoA, and Cassie is also waiting for any news.


Over schrijven / About writing:

“I love concluding stories; City of Glass, Clockwork Princess and City of Heavenly Fire are very special.”

Which is your favorite book? “It’s difficult, I love writing the final books. Probably CoHF is my favorite.”

“The scene that I had the most trouble writing was the death of W.H.”

“I cried while writing the scene in which Will thinks Jem is dead.”

“I love that people have stories that they want to tell” and “Write as much as you can” – Cassie to those who want to write.


Overige vragen / Miscellaneous questions:

Cassie would like to be a warlock, because she’d like to be immortal without having to drink blood.

“I’d love to be a warlock, because they are very complicated and they don’t drink blood like vampires.”

Do you have a Parabatai? “A friend of 25 years, we went out to movies and stuff.”

“Mexico is a magical place and it is beautiful, I like it even though I have a bad accent.” *laughs*


Dat waren Cassie’s antwoorden op de vragen! Kijkt iedereen al uit naar City of Heavenly Fire?


Those were Cassie’s replies! Is everone looking forward to City of Heavenly Fire yet?





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