Nieuw fragment met Cristina en Mark uit The Dark Artifices / New snippet with Cristina and Mark from The Dark Artifices

Cassandra Clare heeft nog een nieuw, spannend fragment gedeeld uit The Dark Artifices! Deze keer gaat het over Cristina Rosales en Mark Blackthorn.


Cassandra Clare has shared another new, exciting snippet from The Dark Artifices! This time it’s about Cristina Rosales and Mark Blackthorn.

Now he looked at her sideways. “You don’t think I look like a Shadowhunter any more?”
“Do you want to?” Cristina asked.
“I want to look like my family,” Mark said. “I cannot have the Blackthorn coloring, but I can look as much like Nephilim as possible. Besides, if I wish to be part of the investigation, I cannot stand out.”
Cristina held back from telling Mark that there was no world in which he didn’t stand out. “I can make you look like a Shadowhunter.”



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