Narrator van ‘Welcome to the Shadowhunter Academy’ bekend


Cassandra Clare heeft de narrator bekend gemaakt van het audioboek van ‘Welcome to the Shadowhunter Academy’.

Het eerste deel van haar nieuwe serie korte verhalen ‘Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy’ zal worden ingesproken door
Devon Bostick, beter bekend als Jasper in de Amerikaanse TV serie ‘The 100’.


Cassandra en co-auteur Sarah Rees Brennan schreven op Tumblr dat zij hier erg blij mee zijn. (Beide dames dames zijn heel erg fan van de serie!)

“Anyway, we are so thrilled, both because we watch and love the 100, and because Devon Bostick does such a great job as Jasper: a nerdy guy who loves a lady who loves another… yet who is extremely brave, kind, and valiantly rescues his team when they are in trouble. (Sound familiar?)”

“So we are sure he will be a perfect fit for our introduction to Simon Lewis, Shadowhunter in training: in some ways a different guy to the guy we knew—the guy he became—through the Mortal Instruments. We lost that guy, the TMI characters lost that guy, Simon himself lost that guy… and now Simon has to work out if he can get him back.”

“Plus we get to see how Shadowhunters are trained, with knife throwing, horse riding, good-lookin’ fellow students, terrifying teachers, and guest lecturer Isabelle Lightwood…”


‘Welcome to the Shadowhunter Academy’ verschijnt op 17 Februari als e-boek novella.

Het publicatie schema voor de hele serie is hier te vinden.



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