Nieuwe fragmenten Lady Midnight (TDA #1) en The Copper Gauntlet (Magisterium #2)

Cassandra Clare heeft weer nieuwe fragmenten gedeeld!

Het eerste fragment komt uit ‘Lady Midnight’, het eerste boek van The Dark Artifices, dat volgend jaar Maart in het Engels verschijnt. Het tweede fragment komt uit ‘The Copper Gauntlet’, het tweede deel van de Magisterium reeks van Cassandra Clare en Holly Black, dat in September in het Engels verschijnt, en hopelijk dit jaar of volgend jaar in het Nederlands zal verschijnen.

Fragment ‘Lady Midnight’:

“Perfect Diego is the boy Cristina’s mother wants her to marry,” Emma told Livvy. Now it was Cristina’s turn to look betrayed. “It’s not an arranged marriage, not exactly, it’s just that her mother loves him, he’s a Rosales —“

“He’s related to you?” Livvy asked Cristina. “Isn’t that a problem? I mean, I know Clary Fairchild and Jace Herondale are a famous love story, but they weren’t actually brother and sister. Otherwise I think it would probably be a …”

“Less famous love story,” said Emma, with a grin.

Cristina waved her hand dissmisively. “The Rosaleses are a huge Shadowhunting family. I don’t think he’s even a cousin. My mother just thinks it would help cement the Rosales empire. She thinks he’s perfect, so handsome, so smart, such a Shadowhunter, perfect perfect perfect —”

“And now you know how he got his nickname,” said Emma.


Fragment ‘The Copper Gauntlet’:

Call’s head hurt.

“I don’t want anything bad to happen to Aaron,” Call said. That was the one thing he was sure about. “I never did.”

Aaron looked miserable. “Well, we’re not going to get anywhere tonight,” he said. “It’s late and we’re all tired. Maybe if we sleep for a couple of hours, we can figure something out in the morning.”

They looked at the two beds. Each was about big enough for one adult or two kids.

“I call that one,” said Jasper. He pointed at Tamara and Call. “And I call Aaron, because you’re creepy and you’re a girl.”

“I can sleep on the floor,” Aaron offered, looking at the expression on Tamara’s face.

“That doesn’t help anyone but Jasper,” said Tamara crossly, and got onto the leftmost bed. “It’s fine, Call; we’ll just sleep on top of the covers. Don’t worry about it.”

Call thought that maybe he should offer to sleep on the floor like Aaron had, but he didn’t want to. His leg already hurt and, besides, he knew for a fact that there were sometimes rats hiding in the barn.

“Okay,” he said, climbing in gingerly beside her.

It was weird.

In the other bed, Jasper and Aaron were trying to share a single pillow. There was a muffled cry as someone was punched. Call pushed the pillow on his bed over to Tamara, and laid his head down on his crooked arm.

He closed his eyes, but sleep didn’t come. It was uncomfortable trying to keep to one side of the bed, making sure that even his toes didn’t stray over to Tamara’s side. It didn’t help that he kept seeing the words in the letters Master Joseph had written, painted on the backs of his eyelids.


He opened his eyes. Tamara was looking at him from a few inches away, her eyes big and dark.  ”Why are you so important?” she whispered.

He felt the warm gust of her breath on his cheek.

“Important?” he echoed. Jasper had started to snore.

“All those letters,” she said. “From Master Joseph. I thought they’d be about Aaron. He’s the Makar. But they were all about you. Call is the most important thing.”

“I mean …I guess because he’s my dad,” Call said, floundering. “So I’d be important to him.”

“It didn’t sound like that kind of important,” Tamara said softly. “Call, you know, you can tell us anything, right?”

Call wasn’t sure how to answer her. He was still trying to decide when Havoc began to howl.