Nieuw fragment uit ‘The Dark Artifices’


Cassandra Clare heeft een nieuw fragment gedeeld van haar toekomstige serie ‘The Dark Artifices’.

Deze keer gaat het fragment over Cristina, Diego en Jaime…

Not since she’d left home had Cristina so clearly and painfully remembered what they had been to each other when they were younger. How much she had loved Diego. Her heart had felt torn to pieces when he cried out for his brother, pleading with him. Jaime, Jaime, ayúdame. Help me. And then he had cried out for her, and that was worse. Cristina, no me dejes. Regresa.

Cristina, don’t leave me. Come back. I love you.

I’m here, she’d told him. Not gone. She remembered him asking if there was someone else.