Nieuwe fragmenten uit Lady Midnight en illustratie #4

Cassandra Clare heeft twee nieuwe fragmenten gedeeld uit Lady Midnight, én ze onthulde de vierde illustratie van Cassandra Jean.


Illustratie #4:


Julian Blackthorn en zijn parabatai Emma Carstairs, die een iratze aanbrengt bij hem. Die runen die zijn aangebracht door iemand’s parabatai zijn altijd krachtiger dan die van iemand anders.


Fragment 1:

“Why did you pull the arrow out?” Emma demanded, unzipping her own jacket and pulling her sweater over her head. She had a tank top on under it. She patted his chest and side with the sweater, absorbing as much of the blood as she could.

Jules’ breath was coming in harsh pants. “Because when someone shoots you with an arrow, you immediate response is not “Thanks for the arrow, I think I’ll keep it for a while.’”

“Good to know your sense of humor is intact.”

“It was burning,” Julian said. “Not like a normal wound. Like there was something on the arrowhead, acid or something.”

Raziel,” Emma muttered. She’d mopped away as much of the blood as she could. It was still welling from the puncture wound, running in thin streams down his stomach, gathering in the lines between his abdominal muscles.

She took a deep breath. “You’re too skinny,” she said, as brightly as she could. “Too much coffee, not enough pancakes.”

“I hope they put that on my tombstone.” He gasped as she shifted forward, and she realized abruptly that she was squarely in Julian’s lap, her knees around his hips. It was a bizarrely intimate position.


Fragment 2:

As Tavvy slept, Julian reached for the law book he’d taken from the library. It was a book he’d looked at so many times before that it now always fell open to the same well-worn page. On Parabatai, it said. He’d read it a hundred times.

It is decreed that those who have undergone the ceremony of parabatai and are forever bound by the terms of the oaths of Saul and David, of Ruth and Naomi, shall not enter into marriage, shall not bear children together, and shall not love each other in the manner of Eros, but only the manner of Philia or Agape.

The punishment for the contravention of this law shall be, at the discretion of the Clave: the separation of the parabatai in question from each other, their exile from their families, and should the criminal behavior continue, the stripping of their Marks and their expulsion from the Nephilim. Never again shall they be Shadowhunters.

So it is decreed by Raziel.

Dura lex, sed lex. The Law is hard, but it is the Law.


Lady Midnight komt op 8 Maart uit in het Engels.


Bronnen: Illustratie & fragment 1 | Fragment 2


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